Shipping Info

Rates / Delivery:

As we work with many brands and suppliers from all over the world, delivery time frames and rates will of course vary.

We endeavour to keep these costs and time frames as low/short as possible but this is not always logistically achievable.

Due to a variety of local (Sydney|Melbourne, Australia) and International supplier locations, shipping time-frames may vary between 24 hours to 10 (business) days.
Should you wish a speedier/priority delivery via Express Air/post etc then please be advised there will be additional fees for this.

In the event our shipping calculator has not provided the exact rate for your delivery or a certain brand product, we will ensure to provide this information prior to your shipment being sent (where possible) to allow you the option to ACCEPT or DECLINE this fee.

For any other vital information regarding our Terms & Conditions or Refunds & Exchanges please refer to the links on our site.

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